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EurocompanyTrusted Partner Tama Polska Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Lodz
City: Sieradz
Street: Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 12A
Phone: +48 43 8220452
Fax: +48 43 8220453
Firm Rank: star
logoTama Polska Ltd. is an independent division of Tama Plastic Industry, the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural nets for press balling. Tama Polska Ltd. – offers netwrap, the latest generation produced by unique technologies and sold in all markets of the world for many years. Tama Company owns many patents to improve the production of a netwrap. We produce the standard nets in white color (Astra) and light green color (Tama Covernet, Tama Ecobull) and Premium netwrap TamaNet+ (2800m,[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner "SWEET GARDEN" more

Country: Poland
Region: Mazovia
City: Błędów
Street: Katarzynów 12
Phone: +48 664124124
Fax: +48 85 6743738
Firm Rank: star
logoCompany the "SWEET GARDEN"is dynamically developing company located in the biggest fruit basin of Poland and Europe, the district grojeckim. We specialize in the sale of first-class fruits and fresh vegetables and frozen. We administer a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables coming from the country and from the import. We are caring so that the quality of our goods is as best, of what a well negotiating cooperation is evidence with our clients. We are do with the attractive and[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner STARCO Spółdzielnia Mleczarska more

Country: Poland
Region: Western Pomerania
City: Stargard Szczeciński
Street: Barnima 5
Phone: +48 91 578 48 71
Fax: +48 91 834 34 58
Firm Rank: star
logoSTARCO Spółdzielnia Mleczarska (Starco Dairy Cooperative) in Stargard Szczeciński was established as Zakład Mleczarski (Dairy) in 1946. Dairy products are produced in two plants employing 200 people. The plant situated at 5 Barnima St. produces very popular cream "Delfiko" cottage cheese packed in buckets of 500g and 1000g, Sabrina non-baked cheese cake in tubs of 160g, cottage cheese called "Serek Wiejski", "Delfina cream cottage cheese (175g) and other dairy products,[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Linyi Dingyi Power Machinery Co., Ltd. more

Country: China
Region: China
City: Linyi
Street: baishabu,Linyi, Shandong,China.
Phone: +86 539 7114098
Fax: +86 539 7297465
Firm Rank: star
logoLinyi Dingyi Power Machinery Co. Ltd.(Sino Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Limited.),located in Linyi High-Tech Development Zone, Shandong province, specializes in small universal gasoline engine and related garden and agricultural machinery, and combines production, development and trade as a whole. At present, there are more than 100 kinds of products, such as brush cutters, sprayers, water pumps, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and so on. The Annual production is 500 thousand pieces one year.[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Zakład Urządzeń Technicznych UNIMASZ Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Varmia and Masuria
City: Olsztyn
Street: Stalowa 4
Phone: +48 89 5335827
Fax: +48 89 5335866
Firm Rank: star
logoThe company has existed since 1952. Name "UNIMASZ" company accepted in 1989 r. At present firm function as company of commercial law and employs 150 people. The company specializes in producing equipment for the different branches of industry. We export our articles to: the USA, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia. We are designing and producing devices for the individual order. Full production range: * transporters: band, roller,[...]

Eurocompany Obory Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Mazovia
City: Kozienice
Street: Kosciuszki 20
Phone: +48 48 6145292
Fax: +48 48 6112143
Firm Rank: star
logoThe "Obory" brand food products have been available on the Polish market since 1992. Over 100 highly-qualified, full-time employees working ay our dairy plant handle the processing of est. 60.000 litres of milk daily into yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, probiotic drinks, cream, cottage cheese, fromages frais and spread cheese. European production and control standards (HACCP), stste-of-the-art production facilities, ability to respond to new market trends and good brand recognition all add[...]

Eurocompany Zakład Produkcyjny Biopreparatów Weterynaryjnych Biomast s.c. more

Country: Poland
Region: Pomerania
City: Gdynia-Orłowo
Street: Świętopełka 57
Phone: +48 58 6649619
Fax: +48 58 6248441
Firm Rank: star
logoModern pharmaceutical product for ecological prophylaxis and eradication off mastitis in cattle. the method limits and even eliminates antibiotics. The Product is not a vaccine, but its properties include regeneration of the natural cellular defense system of the udder. Administered subcutaneously below supramammary lymph nodes is absorded by the lymph, goes to lymph nodes and is metabolized, and cytokins are produces. they stimulate cells, mainly macrophages, into phagocytosis and pathogen bacteriolisis. Thetapeutic[...]

Eurocompany MYKOFLOR Włodzimierz Szałański more

Country: Poland
Region: Lublin
City: Końskowola
Street: Rudy 84
Phone: +48 50 2236128
Firm Rank: star
logoMYKOFLOR prepares (i.e. isolates from chosen eco-systems) and produces mycorrhizal inoculants for decorative, forest and fructiferous plants. Mycorrhizal fungous spawn is isolated from roots or fresh fungous fructifications and is used in production. Consequently, applied to the roots as a water suspension of filaments it immediately establishes symbiosis with a host plant. It is only several companies in the world that use this method. In order to learn more, please see the other pages.[...]