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EurocompanyTrusted Partner SHB Saalfelder Hebezeugbau GmbH more

Country: Germany
Region: Sachsen
City: Saalfeld/Saale
Street: Straße der Freiheit 1
Phone: +48 62 7408775
Fax: +48 62 7408895
Firm Rank: star
logoSHB ltd. is a mid-size company being engaged among other things in constructing and manufacturing components of crane technique and near transport. A range of products includes despite drum brakes according to DIN 15435 also disc brakes, hydraulic bumpers and gear wheels. Drum and disc brakes of SHB company are designed to use in heavy industry and are used mainly as emergency brakes and supporting for large brake forces. The main areas of application are cranes and conveyors in steel and metallurgical[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Rosik Justyna i Józef .sp.c. more

Country: Poland
Region: Greater Poland
City: Poniec
Street: Szkolna 2-B
Phone: +48 65 5731595
Fax: +48 65 5731595
Firm Rank: star
logoLadies and Gentlemen, Our company profile allows us to cooperate with almost any company involved in any way with metal, silver and gold. Our market share extends from antiques to modernity in production, services, renovation and trade. We cooperate with corporations, museums and small production-service companies. We make for them in single, short and repeatable series different products, parts, renovations, replicas and services and some of them we present in our website. In the relevant[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Xiamen XinTongLian Mould Industy Co.,Ltd. more

Country: China
Region: China
City: Xiamen
Street: No.568,Dongren West 2nd Road,Xinlin Town,Jimei District
Phone: +86 592 6259391
Fax: +86 592 2966383
Firm Rank: star
logoWe are a professional moulds manufacturer that specializes in designing and producing plastic and die-casting products as well as all kinds of moulds, including plastic mould, injection mould, rubber mould, blow mould, die casting mould, stamping mould, punching mould. XinTonglian Moulds Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and locates in the beautiful seaside garden city Xiamen. The position is superior and the traffic is very convenient. Our construction area covers 4000 square meters[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Zakład Urządzeń Technicznych UNIMASZ Sp. z o.o. more

Country: Poland
Region: Varmia and Masuria
City: Olsztyn
Street: Stalowa 4
Phone: +48 89 5335827
Fax: +48 89 5335866
Firm Rank: star
logoThe company has existed since 1952. Name "UNIMASZ" company accepted in 1989 r. At present firm function as company of commercial law and employs 150 people. The company specializes in producing equipment for the different branches of industry. We export our articles to: the USA, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia. We are designing and producing devices for the individual order. Full production range: * transporters: band, roller,[...]

EurocompanyTrusted Partner F.H. TRI-COLOR 2 Tomasz Melnyczuk more

Country: Poland
Region: Lesser Poland
Street: OJCOWSKA 110
Phone: +48 12 6422723
Fax: +48 12 6422723
Firm Rank: star

EurocompanyTrusted Partner Tanake S.A. more

Country: Poland
Region: Mazovia
City: Warszawa
Street: Puławska 426
Phone: +48 22 336 91 63
Fax: +48 22 336 90 09
Firm Rank: star

Eurocompany TABAL Jan Kidaj, Mieczysław Daniel Sp.j. more

Country: Poland
Region: Lublin
City: Lublin
Street: Energetyków 14
Phone: +48 81 7445779
Fax: +48 81 7490051
Firm Rank: star
logoIts two owners, Jan Kidaj and Mieczysław Daniel, as well as part of the staff, launched the production of registration plates at a small factory in Lublin using their own financial resources. Thanks to a production method previously unknown in Poland, the product soon gained recognition and was in greater and greater demand. The corporation gradually expanded, devoting its profits from the sales of readymade products to investments to help expand production. Since 1991 the Corporation has[...]

Eurocompany SPRINGS-POL more

Country: Poland
Region: Mazovia
City: Warszawa
Street: Żegańska 1
Phone: +48 22 6158367
Fax: +48 22 6158367
Firm Rank: star
logoThe SPRINGS-POL Company is the partnership jointly, there was found in 2004 by two manufacturers of springs with many years experiens- Czesław Tomczak (TOWES Company) and Grzegorz Kubiak (GREMET Company). The SPRINGS-POL specializes in production of torsion and extension springs for industrial gates and garage doors. Additionally, we produce of the wide assortment of springs from wires of diameters from 0,1mm to 14mm. Our springs are manufactured from galwanized and phosphate wires according[...]